October 1, 2012

Brave New World: The Orchestra and Beyond

New World Center

The Miami Herald began coverage of our 25th anniversary season by recounting the career decisions of three alumni: Zeneba Bowers, Elizabeth Hainen and Katie Wyatt. In each case, these musicians chose to go beyond performance and to become activists in their communities. All of you who are reading this statement and the Herald piece (available here) are invested in the future of classical music. As Trustees, major donors, orchestra managers, or musicians, you are aware of the challenges before us. I ask you to pause and consider how Zeneba, Elizabeth and Katie are taking full responsibility for themselves and our art form.

MTT talks about the powerful combination of artistic excellence and inclusive thinking. Well-executed, convincing performances and committed teaching are the first aspect of this concept. Sharing music with as many people as possible is second. One without the other is admirable. Together, they create an explosive force. Zeneba, Elizabeth and Katie were born with generous spirits and musical talent. Encouragement and training during their New World Symphony fellowships opened their minds to new possibilities. Nashville, Philadelphia, and Raleigh are better communities thanks to them. While they are prime examples, they are only three of nearly 900 New World alumni who are making a difference in orchestras and communities around the world.

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