May 12, 2016

NWS Staffer Wins Miami Foundation Fellowship

Justin TriegerThe Miami Foundation has announced its Class IX of the Miami Fellows, the Foundation's 14-month signature leadership program. One of the seventeen winners is Justin Trieger, the New World Symphony’s Director of New Media and Distance Education.

Justin is Co-Founder and V.P. of Buskerfest Miami, a local non-profit organization dedicated to improving civic life through public street performance. He is also an accomplished composer, engineer and performer. As a resident of Miami-Dade County for the past nine years, Justin has been a constant advocate for performing artists and has actively supported broader community efforts as a member of Emerge Miami.

The Miami Foundation: “We identify individuals 5 to 15 years into their professional career who are inspired by our community’s potential, have demonstrated ethical leadership and have the dedication to do more. Our community serves as a learning laboratory for the program, which will run from May 2016 to June 2017. Fellows develop a deeper understanding of effective leadership while learning more about the important issues facing Greater Miami. Along the way, they connect with the men and women heading our most influential organizations and create lasting relationships. This collective experience inspires Fellows classes to engage and give back.”

The News spoke to Justin about his achievement:

Why did you apply?
“The Miami Fellows program is a prestigious leadership training program. I have many friends and colleagues who are members of past Miami Fellow classes and they universally recommended the program. I personally hope to accomplish a few primary goals: to gain a better understanding of the broader Miami landscape beyond my sector (the Arts), to receive personal mentorship from a local leader, and to help make sure that the artistic community is properly represented in the program.”

What is the goal of the fellowship?
“In the Miami Foundation’s own words, 'the program focuses on building Fellows’ knowledge, networks and abilities and increasing their community engagement and impact.' The ultimate goal is to progress towards a greater Miami by equipping emerging leaders with resources and a network to be successful in their ventures.”

What kind of activities will you be participating in over the coming year?
“The 14-month program is quite extensive. There will be many workshops throughout the year in which we will visit different institutions and learn from experts on how they deal with evolving challenges in the city. This is complemented by individual mentoring and also a yet-to-be-revealed international trip to a city that is dealing or has dealt with issues similar to those Miami faces.”

What will you accomplish from the fellowship?
“Hopefully, a lot of self-development, and honing my skills as a communicator. The Arts continue to be under-represented (some would say more critically under-valued) in the Miami landscape. I hope the program will allow me to become exponentially more impactful in helping the artistic community reach its proper place.”

One of the members of the Miami Foundation Class VIII of Miami Fellows was New World Symphony Assistant Vice President for Audience Development Marte Siebenhar, who was previously Executive Director of Miami’s Bakehouse Art Complex. She also shared her thoughts about participation in the program.

“The Miami Fellowship is an absolutely incredible, catalytic, professional and personal experience. It is designed for participants to learn and further their leadership skills on multiple levels, in service of creating a stronger Miami. When I was selected, I never imagined the impact the program would make on so many facets of my life. I emerged as a stronger leader, with a much more solid understanding of our sometimes quirky and absolutely wonderful community, having experienced it from a variety of perspectives I simply would not have encountered otherwise.

“The biggest surprise was how joining a carefully selected group of peers undergoing the same rapid and profound personal growth would inspire me and shape my perspective on Miami, my career, and my purpose as an engaged citizen, leader, supporter, and starter. The best part is that the Fellowship never ends. With each class, the close-knit and very diverse Fellows network continues as an expanding platform for learning and engagement, which means that the program’s genius and strength is its collective cross-sector legacy. I am very proud and happy to welcome Justin into the Miami Fellows family.”

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